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YEAR 2000


1. Reality of globalise world

The vast steps taken in the economical developments, science, technology and in particular in the communication techniques have almost made the world a global village in the 21st century. The bipolar global balance in the political scene is replaced and superseded by single polarized world reality in 1990s along with the dissolution of the reel socialism. New approaches have been brought into and implemented towards setting existing problems and troubles forth and resolving them, notwithstanding the fact the contradictions between the countries and nations remains the same.

The world henceforth ceased becoming a world in which any country in its own limitations and boundaries stands as by its own actions and behaves in any way he wills so in any time. Any event taken place in any part of the world has become closely interested by and concerns other parts of the world and other countries. In this respect certain problems such as the human rights, democracy, environment has gained an international nature and scope. Every part of the world spends efforts to reach the entirety and integration of common universal rules.

Therefore the conversion of the content of the human rights and democratization into a global style denotes a certain and sole condition on the countries obliging them to adopt common values possessed by the family of humanity for achieving integration. The social development corresponds to a concept, which significantly incorporates political model. Thus a direct link there is between the development degree of the regimes and the extend of democratization.

In parallel to the international developments our party has been striving for institutionalizing human rights and democratization related universal criteria and adopting them as the common universal values in our country.

2. The obligation for change and transformation forces Middle East and Turkey to become democratised

No doubt the globalisation wave throughout the world will have an impact over Middle East. Resolution of problems in democratic and peaceful framework is a dominating issue. We can support our standpoint with reference to the peace talks proceeded between Israel and Syria and newly advanced political developments in Iran. In short the way the world follows is oriented towards domination of democracy.

3. Turkey's involvement in EU process and its obligations

In this conjuncture we attach importance to the nomination process of Turkey in EU. In particular recent process in the matter of resolution of the Kurdish problem has given Turkey a new and more efficient identity in the foreign politics.

The relations with the European Union means that standards as expressly and explicitly stated in the Copenhagen criteria should be inserted. Basically, set aside the internal development of Turkey and our people need in the first priority, we appraise and deem important Europe's constructive and encouraging efforts in consideration of and realization of politically fundamental values of the humanity in our country.

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